Na imagem, crianças estão no Espaço Alana e brincam com bexigas.

Alana Center

Engaging community stakeholders and local government for the development of children and families in Jardim Pantanal.

For 27 years, the Alana Center has been investing in improving the quality of life for families in Jardim Pantanal.  Renovated in 2015, the Center is located at Rua Erva do Sereno, 642. The building, designed by architect Rodrigo Ohtake, is open to the community, offering recreation, culture, free play, and strengthening local connections.

The space features a toy library, reading library, auditorium, and an area for lectures, courses, workshops, and community events. Additionally, the Alana Band offers education, culture, and fosters a sense of citizenship among young people and children through music. 

Our priority is to invest in public policies related to housing, mobility, income, and the provision of public healthcare, education, and cultural facilities. In addition to maintaining the Center’s facility, we conduct technical assessments, analyze data and engage residents to identify and overcome neighborhood challenges through the Urbanize project.


The Alana Center invests in socio-economic and geographic studies of the neighborhood, which inform land use policies and practices.


The program fosters dialogue with residents, public agencies, and civil society institutions, contributing to an improved quality of life and the protection of legal rights, including equitable access to urban resources


In addition to providing access to recreation, culture, free play, and community empowerment activities, the Alana Center promotes neighborhood improvement efforts.

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