Na imagem, uma criança negra brinca com elástico em uma rua com chão de terra.


Investments in childhood aligned with local and global prosperity

Alana Institute’s initiatives are based on actions for the defense and promotion of children’s rights and full development in childhood. It also directs all its programs based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

The axis of the programs are: legal support to influence the formulation and implementation of public policies, communication of excellence on the issues that affect the many Brazilian childhoods, as well as national and international mobilization, organized to achieve systemic impacts.

Children and Consumption 

Since 2006, the Children and Consumption program is dedicated to disseminating and debating ideas about issues related to advertising aiming at children, developing actions to mainly prevent and lessen the damages resulting from this commercial exploitation.

Children and Nature

The program’s objective is to contribute so that children, especially those in the urban context, grow and develop in direct contact with nature. Guided by climate and socio-environmental justice, its strategies and intersectoral actions involve research, experiments, and advocacy in public policies. 

Space Alana

Located in Jardim Pantanal, a community in the Eastern side of the city of São Paulo, it marks the beginning of Alana Institute’s history, in 1994. Its mission is to invest in local development by means of socio-educational actions, community articulation and dialogue with public administration.  

Lunettes Portal

Lunettes is a journalistic portal that portrays different perspectives on childhood in Brazil. Focusing on news, opinion articles, and entertainment tips, its content is, therefore, designed for families, educators, caregivers, and the public interested in this theme.