Data Privacy Policy

We are committed to, in addition to protecting the rights of children and adolescents, protecting your personal data and we want to explain to you a little more about how we use it.

When you register to participate in an event in-person, register on a website to receive news or even when you use social networks, your data is being collected, stored, and may be used – such as name, cell phone number and email address.

We are, at all times, making our personal data available, that is, our private information, in various places, inside and outside the digital environment.

Alana Institute, when carrying out its activities, also receives and uses personal information, with the constant commitment to follow the current laws in force and protect your data. For this reason, we present this material, a simplified version of our Data Privacy Policy, which seeks to give visibility and explain the Institute’s performance in the collection, use and protection of its users’ personal data.

To learn more, visit the full or simplified version of our Data Privacy Policy.