Alana Lab

Alana’s business incubator for impact communication

Alana Lab is Alana’s business incubator that invests in socio-environmental impact companies and communication initiatives. Launched in 2014, we actively participate in the management of funded companies, in which we also hold ownership. These include the production company Maria Farinha Films.

 It is also a booster of projects of the Institute or the Foundation, and is responsible for Alana’s portfolio of impact investments. The dividends received by Alana Lab are destined to the endowment fund that finances the Institute’s works, potentializing the synergy of the Alana System.

Additionally, Alana Lab serves as an accelerator for projects originating in the Institute and the Foundation, and oversees Alana’s impact investment portfolio. Dividends received by the Alana Lab are directed to the Institute’s endowment, further amplifying synergies across the Alana ecosystem.


Alana Institute, Imagining the Future for Nearly Three Decades

Expanding impact and shaping new perspectives on urgent issues, with excellence, is a reflection of our consistent performance during the last 27 years. The milestones in Alana Institute’s history mirror our mission to guarantee, above all, rights at a global scale, with a focus on long-term socio-environmental change.