Strengthening relationships of trust and reaffirming our social pacts.


Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela

Vice Presidents
Alfredo Villela
Marcos Nisti

Executive Directors
Flavia Doria
Isabella Henriques

Director of Finance and Administration
Carlos Vieira Júnior

Director of Strategy and Communication
Fernanda Flandoli

Expansion Director
Mariana Mecchi

Director of Children’s Policies and Rights
Pedro Hartung

Director of People and Culture
Renata Lirio

Advisory Board
Claudia Leme Ferreira Davis
Jordana Berg
Maria Lúcia Zoega de Souza
Paulo Velasco

Audit Committee
Domingos Marchetti Rios
Henri Penchas

Annual reports

Follow the main highlights of our programs and platforms

Our annual reports bring together a collection of insights and achievements attained by the Alana Institute. This ongoing assessment drives diverse perspectives and guides new designs for future impactful initiatives.

2019 Annual Report

Download PDF – 10,3 MB

2020 Annual Report

Download PDF – 9,9 MB

2022 Annual Report

Download PDF – 5,9 MB


An organization built on democratic pillars.

The Bylaws bring together the mission, vision, and guidelines, as well as new actions by the team, defined by the Advisory Board. The document ensures that all activities carried out by programs and initiatives are supported by the main guidelines of Alana.  

Financial disclosure

Based on the principles of transparency and plurality, the financial statements of the Alana System are examined and published annually. 

Our reports are conducted by independent auditors and include a balance sheet with the respective surplus statement, changes in net equity, cash flows, and a summary of our main accounting policies.   

Download the Alana Bylaws