Na imagem, uma criança negra olha através de uma luneta feita de cilindro de papelão.

Lunettes Portal

A news and information platform showcasing diverse perspectives on childhood in Brazil.

Lunetas is our journalistic home, a multimedia portal that portrays different viewpoints on childhood, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual experience.

Since 2018, we have been disseminating high-quality information, sharing stories, lifting up expert sources, and fostering reflections on topics that impact children of all ages.

The aim of Lunetas is to establish a trusted and welcoming source of information that reflects the diverse realities of childhood in Brazil. Lunetas works to create a shared agenda for a more just, inclusive, equitable, and diverse world. Our work is guided by United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Each year, the portal expands its network of partnerships and communication platforms to reach diverse audiences committed to children’s rights.

The site features news, special features, entertainment tips, opinion pieces, and other accessible resources for families, educators, caregivers, and others. At Lunetas, above all, the child is the absolute priority. Our content affirms that it is the responsibility of families, society, and the state to safeguard children’s rights and guarantee the full experience of childhood.


We produce trustworthy journalism that explores and shares diverse realities and perspectives. This diverse and approachable style is essential to support families and professionals in guaranteeing and enforcing children’s rights.


We provide comprehensive reporting on children’s issues in Brazil, with diversity in perspective and approach. We encourage children to grow up free from stereotypes, in a with inclusion, racial and gender equality.


Our journalism is adapted to diverse family structures and contexts, and aims to provide trusted and relevant information to families and support networks so They can reflect and make informed decisions, free from judgment or easy answers.

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