Territory of Play

Researching and disseminating the culture of childhood, with eyes and ears for playing.

We observe, discover, and record the subtleties present in children’s play. The work of Territory of Play began during the years 2012 and 2013, with educator Renata Meirelles and documentary filmmaker David Reeks, in different regions of Brazil. Soon after, the research was transformed into several cultural productions co-organized with Alana Institute: books, films, traveling exhibitions and dialogues on Brazilian childhoods. 

Since 2020, Alana Institute has supported new studies on free play carried out by the Territory of Play.

The Territory of Play carries out research, documentation and diffusion of childhood culture, focusing on free play.

Playing is the living expression of the child in contact with the world around him/her. Territory of Play brings a careful look at this genuine action, detainer of all human potential, revealing many narratives about being a child. Through its productions, it makes society aware of the culture of childhood, unveiling a universe of sensations, gestures, individual and collective ways of doing things, as well as family and community relationships. 


Translating the world through the geography of play is a task that requires a sensitive and unaccustomed eye for gestures, sensations, and relationships of individuals and their communities. In this way, to record play is to see the world through the eyes of the child.


From the systematization of research records with different communities, audiovisual productions are born.


Children’s cultures reveal particular ways of being and being in the world. Spreading a sensitive look at the meanings present in childhood is, therefore, a way to encourage the guarantee of protection for their full development.

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