Na imagem, um grupo de jovens brinca de altinha na areia da praia. Ao fundo, a Mata Atlântica. Uma mulher filma a cena.

Maria Farinha Films

Urgent themes, new looks, and inspiration for engagement.

Maria Farinha Films creates and distributes audiovisual productions. Always made in a collaborative way and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN). Thus, it produces stories to awaken new visions and inspire transformations for a better world. 


Creation of plural and impactful narratives

Acting beyond sheer entertainment. It is engaged in the production of audiovisual works on themes that need to be seen, debated, and accessed. Thus, awakening a more respectful gaze and a desire for transformation. 

Socio-environmental responsibility

Always investing in practices to reduce the environmental impacts generated by the company. As well as implementing healthy working conditions for all employees. These actions reaffirm the mission of transforming society through positive stories and actions. 


Respect for the environment, reduction of inequalities and commitment to inclusion and diversity. These are the values that guide the movements and contents of Maria Farinha Films. Its practices are sustained by a democratic, accessible, and global vision. Which, in this way, guarantee the company the certification as an impact business model by System B. 

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