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Alana takes the reality of children facing climate emergency to COP 27

Children are one of the groups most affected by climate emergency and need to have a voice and a leading role in environmental policies and, by building a better world for them, we will build a better world for everyone.  Under this perspective, Alana Institute lands in Egypt this November to participate in the United

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Why is climate emergency a children’s rights crisis?

Climate emergency is a children’s rights crisis. They are the ones who suffer the most from its effects by having their development affected and rights violated by consequences ranging from natural disasters influenced by climate change to food and water scarcity.  Representing one third of the global population, children will suffer the longest from the

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What is Climate Justice and how does it relate to children’s rights?

Climate Justice is the name of the global movement that seeks a fairer division of investment and responsibility in combating climate emergency.  It means understanding that the whole world already feels the effects caused by the climate crisis, such as the warming that increasingly generates floods, severe droughts and heat waves.  However, these consequences affect

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