Cena do filme "Um lugar para todo mundo". Na imagem, crianças brancas e negras sorriem em um pátio escolar.

About Alana Institute

To honor children is to invest in the future of society as a whole.

We understand children as subjects of rights, creators and protagonists of unique ways of being, being, thinking, feeling and participating in the world – we call this “culture of childhoods”. This is the perspective that allows them to dream and grow in a healthy way, in all senses.

The physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and symbolic development of children demands an attentive dialogue on the part of families and the State, as well as from society and all communities. The goal is to safeguard their rights and meet their needs.

We denounce the present and announce a possible future. To reveal and disseminate these narratives, our programs draw on valuable professional sources and voices, including expressions from children, adolescents, and youth themselves. Above all, we are guided by the law. Articles 6 and 277 of the Federal Constitution of 1988; the Statute of the Child and Adolescent (ECA) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which Brazil is a signatory.

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Alana Institute’s mission is to honor children. To unveil sensitive issues related to the universe of childhood and present them in a unique way. To promote collective responsibility in relation to the care and protection of childhood. Thus, strengthening family relations, public power and the institutions present in the times and settings of the child’s formation.

The verb is “to care”, to connect the socio-environmental dimension with the potentiality of the individual and collective actions of our network. All this with the compass of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We seek a common agenda for a more plural, inclusive, and equal world for all children. Thus, we privilege the public interest based on democracy, human rights, social justice, and socio-environmental sustainability. In addition, ethics, transparency, accessibility, hospitality, creativity, and innovation are words that are part of our lexicon of values.


Alana Institute was founded in 1994, at Jardim Pantanal, a community located in the far eastern region of the city of São Paulo. At first, a center was created to promote meetings between local leaders, with the structuring of a daycare center. Later on, it would become a partner of the São Paulo City Hall – and would offer after-school activities for older children.

The work of local articulation with the public authority led to the official creation of Alana Institute, in 2002. Since 2013, the organization has been supported by the income from an endowment fund, expanding its activities with the development of new programs and partnerships aimed at strengthening the guarantees of a dignified childhood for all.