TiNis: it’s time to create seeds


From the countryside to the city, inside and outside their homes, in schools and communities, we invite children and teenagers to cultivate, to see seeds germinate, flourish and bear fruit.TiNis: it’s time to create seedscomes from the TiNis – Terra das Crianças project, launched in Brazil on November 24th by the Alana Institute and former model and activist Gisele Bündchen. The action is part of an initiative that emerged in Peru, created by the ANIA Association, present in countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Japan.

Planted in different parts of the world, the project seeks, above all,  to strengthen and stimulate the child’s contact and emotional bond with nature. This happens from the creation of green spaces to play, learn and experience. 

From a small piece of land, where at least 3 potted plants or 1/2m² of flower bed can fit, children can now start bringing their TiNis to life! Accompanied by family members and guardians, the kids are able to water, flower and take care of this land They can learn more about species, germination, the cycle of plants and give free rein to their creativity.

It is an exchange. We create nature and are created by it. In short, we humans, rivers, birds, trees and stars are all connected and must contribute to each other’s creation and care. So that everyone can grow up in a healthy and happy way.  

Playing in contact with nature and cultivating this caring relationship develops empathy for all forms of life. This movement has made children and adolescents agents of transformation for a sustainable world.   

to be inspired

In order to expand the reach of the project, Gisele Bündchen, in partnership with the producer Maria Farinha Filmes, is preparing an Instaseries with twelve episodes. Alongside their children, Gisele and other families record inspiring journeys in the creation of their TiNis in their homes.

In addition, the project also launches the book TiNis – Terra das Crianças, which tells the story of a secret and is also an invitation to the adventure of imagining, feeling and creating a TiNis. The short story is available on the project’s website in two formats: digitally illustrated and in audiobook – and can even be downloaded for free.

Bringing your TiNis to life

To assist in this planting journey, the Criança e Natureza program, from the Alana Institute, developed the Guide for small creators of TiNis. The material brings together several tips so that children and young people from different social, economic, cultural, ecological, with and without disabilities can create their TiNis. And thus  teach us new ways of inhabiting the world. 

The Guide encourages observation, recording plant transformations. in addition to encouraging play in contact with nature. 

It is time to create seeds. And in this call we invite all children to be guardians of a TiNis, to marvel and play with nature in this chain. Are you coming to plant with us?