Investing in childhood for local and global prosperity.

The programs of the Alana Institute defend and promote the rights and holistic development of children in diverse environments.

The initiatives of the Alana Foundation are primarily guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Among the key areas of focus, our programs prioritize providing legal support to influence the formulation and implementation of public policy. In addition, they excel in communication about issues affecting the diverse experiences of Brazilian childhood and engage in national and international mobilization efforts to achieve systemic impact.

Alana Down Syndrome Center at MIT

In 2019, the partnership between the Alana Foundation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology resulted in the establishment of the Alana Down Syndrome Center at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). This research and study center focuses on the development of assistive technologies, education, and training related to Down Syndrome, advancing health, autonomy, and inclusion.

Alana XPrize Rainforest

The XPrize Rainforest | Alana is a 5-year competition, launched in 2019. It aims to accelerate the emergence of innovative, autonomous technologies, aligned with traditional knowledge, for mapping biodiversity in tropical forests. Rapid data analysis will provide new insights and unlock the true potential of standing forests, accelerating the development of new, fair, and sustainable bioeconomies.

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