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Alana seeks to find a transforming pathway for new generations, working toward a more sustainable world and one of excellent human relations. Towards this end, it is structured to act on three fronts, via Alana Institute, AlanaLab and the Alana Foundation.

Alana Institute is a nonprofit civil society organization that brings together the programs that we believe in, in the effort to ensure conditions for children to fully experience their childhoods. Founded in 1994, the organization today has its own programs and with partners – all of which you can find out more about below – and is supported by the income from an endowment fund since 2013. Its mission is to “honor the children”.

AlanaLab is Alana core business, with a focus on impact and innovation. It participates in the management of the group’s businesses, of which it is also a partner. Currently, these businesses are the Maria Farinha Filmes production company, the impact distributor Flow, and the extended reality production company JungleBee. It also acts as an accelerator for projects by the Institute and the Foundation, and is responsible for the Alana group’s Impact investment portfolio. The dividends earned by AlanaLab are allocated in full to the endowment that funds Alana’s projects.

On the other hand, the Alana Foundation, based in the United States and totally philanthropic, was created in order to invest in cutting-edge and innovative research capable of changing the world. Currently supports a study that seeks to increase the chances of developing new therapies for people with Down syndrome.


Criança e Consumo

To increase awareness about the impacts caused by advertising directed to children.

Prioridade Absoluta

Give visibility and contribute to the efficacy of children's rights.

Espaço Alana

Promote the development of Jardim Pantanal through socio-educational actions.

Território do Brincar

Documentation of brazilian childhood culture, through the observation of play.

Criativos da Escola

A movement for transforming reality led by children.


A global platform that sees cinema as a powerful tool for transformation.

Escolas Transformadoras

Identify, connect, and support schools that use innovative practices.

Criança e Natureza

Ensure that children grow and develop in direct contact with nature.


Maria Farinha Filmes

Film production company who believes in entertainment to stimulate social transformation.


Virtual and Augmented Reality production company created to generate social impact.


Cultural impact distribution, focused on democratic reach and positive social content.


Ciranda de Filmes

An innovative film festival, focused on education and childhood.

Slow Kids

A proposal to stop one’s routine and truly be with the kids.


Support for entrepreneurs of the eastern region of São Paulo.

Instituto Brincante

A space for learning, assimilating and recreating the country’s countless artistic.

Vox Capital

We empower people and companies to create a more just and joyous world.

It is through play, and perhaps only through play, that children and adults use their creative freedom

Donald Winnicott, British pediatrician and psychoanalyst

Prejudice is the fear of the unknown. That is why we should help children learn not only with those like them, but also with those who are different from them.

Ana Lucia Villela, President of Alana 

Children could – and should – be the protagonists of the changes they want to see in the world  

Kiran Bir Sethi, Creator of Design for Change, Criativos da Escola in Brazil

An ounce of passion is worth as much education as you can ever imagine. Kids that are passionate will continue to learn forever.

Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab

Man’s greatest gift is his incompleteness. In this, I am wealthy. (…) I intend to renew man using butterflies.”

Manoel de Barros, Brazilian poet

Creative, innovative, compassionate, balanced, responsible and productive citizens only exist if our society provides a healthy environment for childhood development.

Ana Lucia Villela, President of Alana


Joi Ito


Difference between education and learning

Amit Goswami


Are we born consumerists?


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