Criativos da Escola

Criativos da Escola encourages children and young people to transform their realities, recognizing them as protagonists of their own stories of change. The protagonism, empathy, creativity and teamwork are the central pillars of this program that seeks to involve and stimulate students and educators from different areas to engage and act in their communities.
The Criativos da Escola Challenge celebrates and rewards projects led by children and youth across the country who, supported by their educators, are transforming schools, students and their communities. The initiative is part of Design for Change, a global movement that has emerged in India and is present in 65 countries, inspiring more than 2.2 million children and young people around the world.
All the details of the Challenge are on the program’s website.





Fundo ZL aims to support small and micro-enterprises in the eastern region of São Paulo through partnerships, management support, training and financial investments. It counts on the participation of local leaders, public and private enterprises, as well as an association with Instituto Alana and Fundação Tide Setúbal.



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Popular Custom
Three educators in the field of gastronomy
Bel's Tapioca
Bel's Tapioca
Expansion plans and the dream of having a franchise network
Time Portal
Time Portal
Increase of productivity and the fund’s help

Slow Kids

The Slow Kids movement advocates slowing down children’s routines and valuing free time in childhood. Co-produced by Instituto Alana and the producer Respire Cultura, its first edition was held in 2013, in Parque da Água Branca, in São Paulo. In 2014, Slow Kids came to the Museu da Casa Brasileira. Together, parents and children enjoyed a day with lots of play, outdoor cinema, picnics, music and workshops.