Instituto Brincante

The Brincante Institute is a space for learning, assimilating and recreating the country’s countless artistic traditions, with a focus on studying and restoring Brazilian culture. Alana has believed in and supported this project since 2008 – with a greater emphasis starting in 2014, when Brincante discovered they had to leave the building they had been in for 22 years in the Vila Madalena neighborhood, and had to reinvent themselves to keep going. Alana was actively engaged in the #FicaBrincante (#StayBrincante) movement, which culminated in a crowdfunding campaign to raise resources for a new building, currently under construction.

Vox Capital

We invest in high potential companies that positively impact the Brazilian society through solutions for the country’s health, education and financial services issues.

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Videocamp is a free online platform that enables film productions that seek social impact and transformation to reach as many people as possible. Through public screenings, which can be organized by anyone anywhere in the world, Videocamp democratizes access to culture and information. For the producers, the platform activate networks, mobilizes people and spectators, acting as a promotional tool within the strategy of launching the film.