A distribution company focusing on cultural impact that serves as a bridge between causes, experts, activists, the market and cultural producers, ensuring that important messages get heard and reach the largest possible number of people in an egalitarian, accessible and engaging fashion.

It was founded in Brazil as a part of Alana and its goal is to reach the entire world through important partnerships in film, environmentalism, education, fashion, literature and other fields.

The biggest challenge is to offer the audience the best content in the best format. As part of Believe.Earth’s identity, Flow is releasing exclusive cultural products with a positive social impact related to the United Nations’ global goals.

Criança e Natureza

The Criança e Natureza – Children and Nature – are favorable for children, especially those in urban contexts and those who are in contact with natural areas. We work to influence and carry out intersectoral actions that result in a journey rich in nature, through studies, research and experiences that facilitate access to children, in addition to influencing the public that favor the contact of children, and the network in which it is inserted, with green areas.