Alana is a socio-environmental impact organization that promotes children’s rights to integral development and fosters new forms of well being. Our effort is to move towards a shared agenda for a more just, inclusive, equal and diverse world that prioritize human rights, democracy, social justice, and socio-environmental sustainability. Our work is guided by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We see children as holders of rights. They are creators and protagonists of a singular form of being, thinking, feeling, and participating in the world – this is what we call the “culture of childhood”. Children go through a unique process of physical, emotional, cognitive, social and symbolic development, and demand close attention from their families, the government, society, and all communities. In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which Brazil is a signatory, Alana extends its activities to teenagers (people under the age of 18). MISSION: Our mission is to reveal sensitive issues that affect children, emphasize humanist values connected to socio-environmental considerations. We recognize the potential of individual and collective action by co-creating and sharing content that inspires a better future for all. VALUES: beauty, enthusiasm, innovation, and depth

President: Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela
Vice-President: Marcos Nisti
CEO: Marcos Nisti

Advisory Council

The main task of the Advisory Council is to opine about the Alana’s mission, vision and directories, proposing new courses of action for the team. With this, the Council assists the Institute to follow a guideline of its activities, in accordance with the provisions of its Bylaws. Belonging to this group are:

Carlos Alberto Libânio Christo (Frei Betto)
Claudia Leme Ferreira Davis
Jordana Berg
Maria Lúcia Zoega de Souza
Paulo Velasco

Fiscal Council

The Fiscal Council has the responsibilities of monitoring, auditing and inspecting the financial
and equity of Alana’s operations. Alana’s tax advisors include:
Domingos Marchetti Rios
Henri Penchas
Richard Lyon Thorp Bilton

Annual Reports – 2012 | 2013 (portuguese) | 2014 | 2015 (portuguese) | 2016 (portuguese) In order to achieve our goals, Alana is organized into three fronts: the Alana Institute, AlanaLab, and the Alana Foundation, these fronts work together to maximize impact.

Alana Institute | AlanaLab | Alana Foundation

Alana Institute was born of a community project in Jardim Pantanal, a neighborhood in São Paulo’s eastern outskirts. In 1994 a community center was built to provide training and hosts meetings for local leaders, in addition to having a daycare – which is now integrated into the São Paulo Municipality system – and offering after school activities for older children. The resulted of this work was the creation of the Alana Institute in 2002. The Institute – a non-profit civil society organization – was born with the mission to “honor the children”. From 2002 to 2005, its activities were based in Jardim Pantanal, including services for the community as a whole. In 2006, the Institute launched the Child and Consumerism (Criança e Consumo) program to raise awareness of child consumerism and advertising targeted at children. Child and Consumerism was the first of a series of programs launched over the following years, which have been developed to reinforce the Institute’s mission and vision: children are its absolute priority and children’s integral development must be safeguarded. To know all the programs of the Institute Alana click here.

President: Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela
Vice-Presidents: Alfredo Egydio Arruda Villela Filho e Marcos Nisti
Executive Director: Isabella Henriques
Director of People and Resources Management: Marisa Ohashi
Treasurer: Daniel Costa
Finance Director: Carlos Vieira Júnior
Legal Policy Director: Pedro Hartung
Director of Education and Childhood Culture: Raquel Franzim
Human and Resources Director: Renata Lirio

Alana Institute | AlanaLab | Alana Foundation

AlanaLab is Alana’s business core, with a focus on impact and innovation. It participates in the management of the group’s businesses, of which it is also a partner. Currently, these businesses are the Maria Farinha Filmes production company, the impact distributor Flow, and the extended reality production company JungleBee. It also acts as an accelerator for projects by the Institute and the Foundation, and is responsible for the Alana group’s Impact investment portfolio. The dividends earned by AlanaLab are allocated in full to the endowment that funds Alana’s projects.

CEO AlanaLab: Flavia Doria
CEO Maria Farinha Filmes: Mariana Oliva
CEO Flow Impact: Luana Lobo
CEO Junglebee: Tadeu Jungle
Director of Articulation and Business: Mariana Mecchi
Communication Strategy Director: Mazí Rodrigues

Alana Institute | AlanLab | Alana Foundation

Alana Foundation is an independent philanthropic organisation founded in 2012 in the United States. The Foundation supports initiatives in the areas of environment, inclusive education and health science research through grants and co-funding partnerships. It also engages with networks and global movements in those areas. Alana Foundation is part of the socio-environment organization Alana, that also anchors the Alana Institute and a social impact business hub.

Director of International Relations: Laís Fleury