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Alana Institute brings together programs whose main goal is to mobilize society around issues related to childhood. Alana was created 20 years ago in Jardim Pantanal, a vulnerable community in the city of São Paulo’s eastern outskirts, and has broadened the scope of its work over the past decade.

With the mission of “honor the children”, it takes on activities and projects that favor their full development and defend the rights of children and adolescents, as can be seen here.

President: Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela
Vice-President: Alfredo Egydio Arruda Villela Filho and Marcos Nisti
CEO: Marcos Nisti
Treasurer: Daniel Vieira da Costa
Directors: Carolina Pasquali, Erika Pisaneschi, Flavia Doria, Isabella Henriques, Lais Fleury and Lilian Okada

Advisory Council

The main task of the Advisory Council is to opine about the Alana’s mission, vision and directories, proposing new courses of action for the team. With this, the Council assists the Institute to follow a guideline of its activities, in accordance with the provisions of its Bylaws. Belonging to this group are:

Carlos Alberto Libânio Christo (Frei Betto)
Claudia Leme Ferreira Davis
Jordana Berg
Maria Lúcia Zoega de Souza
Paulo Velasco

Fiscal Council

The Fiscal Council has the responsibilities of monitoring, auditing and inspecting the financial
and equity of Alana’s operations. Alana’s tax advisors include:
Eduardo Marchetti Rios
Henri Penchas
Richard Lyon Thorp Bilton

Annual Reports – 2012 | 2013 (portuguese) | 2014 | 2015 (portuguese) | 2016 (portuguese)

Alana Institute | AlanaLab | Alana Foundation

AlanaLab is Alana core business, with a focus on impact and innovation. It participates in the management of the group’s businesses, of which it is also a partner. Currently, these businesses are the Maria Farinha Filmes production company, the impact distributor Flow, and the extended reality production company JungleBee. It also acts as an accelerator for projects by the Institute and the Foundation, and is responsible for the Alana group’s Impact investment portfolio. The dividends earned by AlanaLab are allocated in full to the endowment that funds Alana’s projects.

Alana Institute | AlanLab | Alana Foundation

The Alana Foundation, based in the United States, was founded in 2012 and is completely philanthropic. Has already invested U$ 2 million in several studies. It currently supports the following study:

  • Study with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Case Western Reserve University on Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome. There are six years of research planned to increase the chances of developing new therapies for people with Down syndrome. The partnership brings together the research to understand the brain’s ageing process led by professor Li-Huei Tsai, director of MIT’s Institute for Learning and Memory, with the experience in studying the quality of life of people with Down syndrome of the Brazilian researcher and doctor Alberto Costa, professor-doctor of the neurology and development division of the pediatrics department at Case Western Reserve University.